The abstracts of the works that will be presented or displayed must be submitted by August 25, 2021


The abstracts of the works that will be displayed/presented must be submitted by August 25, 2021.

The abstracts (in Romanian and / or English), written according to the instructions, will be sent by e-mail to the address: office@dimas.com.ro. Abstracts cannot be submitted before enrolment.


The authors of the abstracts received by and on 25 August 2021 will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Scientific Committee and the abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings volume (volume with ISSN).

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to accept or reject the proposed papers and to select the papers for oral or e-poster presentation.


Presentation form of the works: oral (ppt, pdf or video recording) or e-poster (jpg or pdf).

The deadline for submitting oral papers (ppt, pdf or video recording) is 25.08.2021, using the e-mail address office@dimas.com.ro

The deadline for submitting e-posters is 25.08.2021, using the e-mail address office@dimas.com.ro


Submissions must comply with the following formatting requirements for the abstracts:

1. maximum 300 words;

2. written in Romanian and / or English;

3. Times New Roman 12 font, without paragraph alignment or other indentations; must not be formatted

4. use diacritics

5. both the author and the co-author of the presentations must register for the event by filling in the registration form, with the clear mention “author / co-author of the paper… [insert title of paper]”.


1. the title, written in capital letters followed by a blank line; the title (including spaces) must not exceed 250 characters;

2. the names of the authors, written on one line, in the following format: initials of first name (in the case of men) or first name (in the case of women) followed by name (do not use professional / academic titles);

3. a line will be left blank after the list of authors;

4. affiliation (department, institution, city, country) of both the first author and the co-authors.

5. the first letter of each word must be capitalized;

6. a line will be inserted, including 3 – 5 keywords;

7. the text itself must follow the usual structure: introduction, material and methods, results, conclusions (please avoid the wording of the type “the results will be presented”); the text must contain enough details to justify the conclusion;

8. in the case of video presentations, the abstract consists of a short oral presentation

9. graphs and tables are not accepted in the abstract;

10. all abbreviations must be explained upon first use in the text.